"I would recommend TRIFORMANCE to make sure your bike fits you and the numbers do not lie! I had a great experience and will be back as I get more flexible."

- Troy

"Im very happy with my bike fit, well worth the money.  The end result...the bike feels great.  The fit was very scientific with an objective approach.  Specific target range with no guess work.  Wes also gave me good recommendations for swimming and core strengthening.  I waited to write a testiminial until after I did some brick workouts and a race. My bike and run were much better."

- Len (Ohio)

" I did my first century last Monday solo, almost 100% aero. The fit is working great!

- Chris (Ohio)

"The tri bike fit has been great. You have helped create an Ironman terminator. I can't be stopped."

- Thomas

"I am loving my new bike fit.  I have ridden pretty consistently 2-4 miles faster per hour with no increased effort!  Whats not to love about that!

- Jen (Ohio)

“My only concern was if the PEDAL STROKE ANALYSIS was going to be a waste because I wouldn’t learn anything….I WAS WRONG!!!  The Pedal Stroke Analysis has helped increase my cadence which is giving me more speed. I’m not just mashing the pedals.  My FIT and new seat did away with the lower back pain and numbness.  I would recommend Triformance without a doubt. They are knowledgeable and take time to answer questions completely.”

“The Retul Fit was very helpful. I have ridden a couple times since, and the rides were significantly more comfortable. I appreciate the thoroughness of the process, the significant number of data points, and the ability of Wes to provide multiple solutions.  Wes was great to work with and preceded my desired outcome.”

-Milt (Blacklick, ohio)

"I was initially quite disoriented and thought seriously of reverting back to my old bike position. NOW I'm glad I stayed with it, and my back is glad to! I am looking forward to my next bike purchase with an immediate trip back to Triformance."

- Greg (Galena, OH)

"Triformance was recommended to me by many of my JustTri teammates. For me my only concern was the matter of being comfortable with the investment.  I am so much more comfortable on my saddle now. My efficiency has gotten better and I’ve certainly picked up my speed/pace.  I have seen dramatic improvement in pedal stroke, speed and efficiency. This was money well spent!"

- Eric (Hilliard, Ohio)

Triformance was highly recommended to me by several people.  After my fit I found out that long rides didn't have to result in horrible saddle discomfort!  Seeing the numbers before and after my fit, along with an explanation of each really helped me understand everything a lot better.  Wes was very professional, knowledgable and friendly."

- Bryan (Gahanna, ohio)

" After my Retul fit I found out that one leg was shorter than the other and that may have been causing my achilles tendonitis for the past couple years.  Since my proper fit, insoles and elevaton of my left cleat I'm almost healed of all pain.  I feel faster and have more power.  I feel my body postition is more at a power angle where I can now generate more power. I would like to thank Wes for a great bike fit and plan to come back for an upgrade with my saddle and to get fit again when I purchace a road bike.  I highly recommend Triformance with their expert knowledge with bike fitting."

- Don (Ohio)

"Small tweaks really helped. I originally thought the changes were too small to make a real difference — NOT so! My fit was very detailed, no distractions and personal attention. My individual riding habits and training were taken into account. Wes even looked at shoe fit, need for inserts, plate and adjustment. He also provided me tips on other triathlon aids!"

- Sheryl (Westerville, OH)

"I can't even put into words the Retül FIT and recommendation has caused the most dramatic positive influence in my life.  I was very impressed with the Retül procedure. Wes is very thorough and passionate about his work. The result for me was phenomenal, like nothing else I have experienced. "

- Chris (Canton, OH)

"I first came to Triformance when I needed a new saddle for my tri bike as I was training for my first Ironman, and the one I had just wasn’t working. Both guys, Wes and Bill, were very helpful, and friendly in the process of it.

A few weeks later, I needed my bike tuned up and so I took it to my old shop. On my first ride after I picked it up I found out it was in a worse shape than when I’d brought it in. Pretty mad I took it back to Bill to fix it. And fix it he did! My bike worked as a Swiss watch, and I knew Bill would be the only person working on my bike from then on.

Knowing Bill had worked on my bike was one of the factors I was really confident going into my race. Not only does he, and Wes, know what they’re doing and talking about, but they are very down-to-earth and easy going."

Petr (Columbus, OH)

"I came to Triformance after experiencing some knee pain on my long rides. Wes was very thorough in his analysis and gave me some greater pointers on how to strengthen my hips and hamstrings to avoid future pain. The bike fit allowed me to not only roll 1-1.5MPH faster on my usual rides, but the pain vanished. I wish I did this before I even purchased my bike."

- Rob (Columbus, OH)

"I was nervous at first because I'm a novice when it comes to cycling.  But Wes made me feel very comfortable and I had an excellent experience. I understand my bike a lot more than I did! Some very simple explanations made all the difference in the world! I really like the personal attention to detail. Wes is an expert at all things cycling.  Triformance is the best, if you don’t go your missing out!”

“Finally got some serious riding in on my new Speed Concept today. All I can say is WOW! The bike rides and fits great! Thanks Wes for doing an awesome job fitting me, for providing unbiased recommendation on potential manufactures/model, and for getting everything dialed in perfectly on my follow-up fitting. If you need to get fit for a new bike or an existing bike I highly recommend giving Wes a call.”

Robert (Ohio)

“I could not be happier with the service I received at Triformance, it was money well spent. Just knowing I was buying the right bike the first time is a huge benefit. The advice you gave me also goes a long way. Also and probably most importantly is the fact that you picked up on the weakness in my right hip. That is a direct result of my back injuries/surgeries and no one else has ever picked up on that. I have now been working on strengthening and stretching my hips and I'm sure it will help my future performance."

- James (Columbus, OH)

" The fit feels great. I did a 4.5 hr ride in Portsmouth yesterday and no shoulder pain after the ride!"

- Jeff

"After being fit on my Tri bike, my aero position is much better. I raced in my first ever time trial and quickly realized an improved SPEED and EFFICENCY! I loved the detail given to the whole process. I especially liked the detailed printout showing all of the correct angles and specs for my fit. Wes is a true professional, who understands his customers needs and can deliver the results that they seek."

Steve (Columbus, Ohio)

After my Retul fit I am more comfortable and have more power.  I liked most the accuracy and attention to detail."

- Kent (Bucyrus, Ohio)

“The Fit has optimized my bike position for performance. The data gained can be used for future reference and quality of data was impressive! I truly enjoyed the experience, wish I would have done it sooner.”

Chuck (Richmond, Indiana)

“My bike split over a 40K time trial went from a 22 MPH average to 24 MPH average after my Retul Fit.  Wes was great and the right side left side stroke comparison was a great feature. Triformance and the results were fantastic.”

- Morgan (Powell, Ohio)

"Attention to detail and patience from Wes was awesome! I felt like he truly cared about my bike fit.  I tell all my tri firiends they should get a Retul fit. I have had other bike fits and they do not compare to Retul.  I love the print out of all the measurements of the bike."

- Jenny (Tipp City, Ohio)

“The RETUL Fit was amazing. I rode outdoors the other day with a group and they asked about my training. They stated you look stronger and faster! I have to say it’s all about the fit. The fit was very informative. I learned more about pedal stroke and seat height. I have been riding now for three weeks post fit and I can feel the power transfer to my pedals. Wes is a great guy, makes you feel as you are a pro not just a recreational rider. He knows what he is doing and I know he will help whoever comes to him.” 


"After my Retul fit I realized I was riding wrong in my tri bike for 4 years.  Wes nailed my fit from the beginning, the Cobb seat he placed was a winner.  Wes knows his stuff and tells you what he is doing and why."

- Tom (Hilliard, Ohio)

“I had Bill from Triformance tuneup my bike before my A race this year. It has never run so well, the bike responds instantly to every shift."

Bruce (Gahanna, OH)

"Before coming to Triformance I had a prior fit done on my old bike, and I thought I could simply use the old measurements rather than spend the money.  After my Retül fit my knee pain, shoulder pain and hand discomfort immediately started to lessen and eventually go away. I also felt more efficient on the pedal stroke. Triformance has made an amazing positive difference in my riding experience."

- Jeremy (Westerville, OH)

"My bike needed a lot of mechanical work and new seat. I verified my pedal stroke technique needs work and I was to low in my saddle.  I liked the amount of time and commitment Wes and Bill have given me. I appreciate the flexibility in scheduling and saddle rentals. They have done a great job!"

- Ann (Dublin, OH)

"During yesterday's race, every minute I was in aero and every watt of power delivered thru the drive was made possible by Triformance and Wes's pure genius! Thanks for helping me unleash my potential!"

- David (Ohio)

“A whole new riding position! I feel stronger while being more comfortable. Most important is the peace of mind that you are in the “correct” position. The feature I liked most about my fit was the exact data on my riding positions. This quality bike fit makes all the difference. I am able to perform to my potential!”

Christopher (Upper Arlington, Ohio)

" I've been riding road/tri bikes seriously for 5 years now and felt like I had a pretty good handle on what it meant to turn a crank and make my bike go.  When I heard of Triformance's pedal stroke analysis, I thought it couldn't hurt to work out the last little kinks, sorta fine tune things.  To say it was eye-opening would be an understatement.  Watching my power graph on the screen instantly made me aware of the dead spots in my pedal stroke that I never knew existed.  With We's help we worked on some exercises to help eliminate those dead spots and create a much more efficient way of generating power throughout the entire pedal stroke.  Beyond the physical analysis of my pedal stroke, Wes gave me some really effective things to think about while out on the road.  He has me much more focused on what my legs are doing and that's definitely helping me work toward being a more powerful and efficient cyclist.  His insights and expertise helped me hone in on what needed fixed and gave me some tools to make that happen. In the end, I've noticed that using the techniques he passed along have helped my efficiency, and more precisely, my climbing and overall speed have both improved since we met.  To say its been awesome would be an understatement."

- Rocco (Ohio)

" Can't beat Wes and Bill at triformance. If you want to get faster and more comfortable at the same time, hit Wes up (no doubt he is the best)! If you want the best most meticulous bike build you will not find a better mechanic than Bill! The combo of these two guys is simply unbeatable! Thanks again guys, cant wait to take her out tonight!

- Bryan (Ohio)

"After my Retul fit, there was less pressure on my neck.  The first time I rode the bike after the fit I went 60 miles.  I felt great, stronger and faster; strongest I've ever felt on a bike.  Even under a steady load pedaling, seemed almost effortless.  This was a great experience.

- Phil

“I found the fit to be extremely through, scientific and well explained. My first ride on my mountain bike post fit, I found I had more power with less effort. I appreciate the time Wes spent thoroughly explaining the RETUL Fit system as well as what was being measured and why those measurements were important for proper riding position and maximum power.  I sincerely appreciated the individual attention to my specific needs.”

Brian (Westerville, Ohio)

"I was fit into a more aggressive position and comfortable with the knowledge my bike was set where it should be. I especially liked the addition of the inserts in the shoes to help level the pedal platform. I liked the accuracy of the system, and nobody reading a tape measure. Retül just makes sense when you look at it, a dynamic system with accurate results. I look forward to tweaking my position next year as I get stronger on the bike!"

- Mark 

"I can now actually ride a bike that I love without PAIN. I bought a bike that I was told fit but gave me serious back pain, now I can ride it. I thought I would have to sell it but now it’s a terrific fitting tri bike! This was an inexpensive fix to my bike and now NO pain! The fit is 100% customized and Wes isn’t trying to make something he has in stock work, it’s all about the client’s needs. This was an amazing experience. I never thought I’d be able to ride my bike without pain. I wish I had gone through this RETUL Fit before I purchased a bike!"

Aimee (Delaware, Ohio)

"As a result of my Retul fit, I can stay in my aerobar form!  My goal was comfort and increased performance, Retul helped with both."

- Lauren (Northfield, Ohio)

“Prior to the fit, I experienced knee pains, uncomfortable in the aero position and lacked power. After the fitting and after only 4 rides, I feel very comfortable on my bike, I feel more power in my legs, no soreness or pressure in my shoulders or lower back and I noticed average speed increased by 1 mph! I liked the personal one-on-one attention I received from Triformance. The assessment and analysis between each setting was neat and being able to see the stats after each tweak was comforting. I’m very busy and the flexible schedule was a plus.”

- Kon (Columbus, OH)

"I had heard from friends about Bill Suckow's skill as a mechanic. Since I am training for my first Ironman, and will be spending lots of time on my bike, I decided to have him take a look at my 2008 Felt B12.

"At first I thought I only wanted a basic tune up. But after consulting with Bill, we devised a budget and a plan to improve both the functioning and appearance of my older bike.

"I got a tune-up and a complete bike cleaning. Bill also installed new, higher quality tires, which perfectly matched the color scheme of my bike. He put in new brake cables, which were damaged from an earlier crash, and internalized them into the bike frame to enhance appearance. He also installed a wireless cateye and completely retaped my bars.

"The turnaround time was good and I can't tell you how happy I am with the results. My bike rides as smooth as when I first purchased it in 2008.

"Bill is truly a master mechanic who loves making bikes better and their riders happier.

"Thanks, Bill, for pimping out my ride!"

D. Mannion

" After my Retul fit I was able to sustain rides and intervals in my aero bars. I no longer had to go to my drops to breathe.  If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, numbness ect.., the difference of adjusting inches makes an insane difference.  I appreciated the attention to detail, down to the insoles. I could not be happier."

Follow message:" So the numbers are in. I repeated a workout I did 4 months ago, 6X1 mile sprints on 2:00 spin/rest. Here is the analysis with each lap (ave speed/power)"
12/17/2011:                POST FIT 4/26/2012:
1. 34.2/520.1              1.  34.6/538.6
2. 32.6/489.0              2.  36.1/558.7
3. 32.2/479.9              3.  36.2/549.4
4. 30.8/456.6              4.  35.1/519.9
5. 32.2/481.9              5.  33.6/501.2
6. 31.9/479.0              6.  33.6/500.3

"And I did ALL of the intervals today in my aero bars for the entire sprint duration, something I was NEVER able to do before! Thanks a million! I can't be happier! I am blown away at the results/improvements!"

- Jason (Columbus, Ohio)

" I was hesitant about a "bike fit" because of not understanding the reason behind it. I thought you buy a bike adjust the seat and your good to go.  WOW! The Retul fit was well worth the money. All the changes increased my comfort, power in my legs and speed.  Triformance emailed me all my fit numbers and data the same day.  Triformance made my first experience a learning experience to where I can now tell others that ride how important a bike fit is. "

Follow up email: " I road my bike 16 miles yesterday and couldn't believe the difference in power and speed, so it's $$$ well spent! Thank you!

- Marie (Indiana)

“The RETUL Fit has made me more confident of my bike and my position on the bike as I head into IMKY. It helped to know I was in a good position to succeed without spending thousands on a Tri bike. I appreciated the personal time and the willingness to try to make things as affordable and understandable as possible. Wes spent a wonderful amount of time with me and helped explain everything. The reassurance of being able to tackle my Ironman was SO helpful! I really appreciate Wes' customer service. As soon as I pulled up he helped me with my bike and said, “Are you ready to get fast?” I got excited, felt more confident and secure, which is huge for this TRI newbie!”

Amy (Westerville, Ohio)

"Before scheduling my Retul fit I was having issues with shoulder/neck fatigue and numbness.  After my Retul fit I love being on my bike.  I can say I am more comfortable and feel more powerful riding on my bike. I loved seeing how the numbers translated into changing my position on my bike.  I feel like I can trust Triformance. They have made a positive impact on the triathlon community."

- Tani (Hilliard, Ohio)

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